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Around Town Franchise
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Around Town Community Magazine
Quick Facts
Around Town Community Magazine
1025 Rose Creek Dr., Suite 340
Woodstock, GA 30189
Total investment required: Up to US$30,000 Investment Range: $37,600 - 54,800
Industry: Advertising Franchise
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Direct-mail Community Magazine - Strong Benefits of Business Ownership


Owning and operating an Around Town Community Magazine provides you with many solid benefits in today’s competitive marketplace.


These advantages include the following:

  • Lower Initial Investment: You can open an Around Town Community Magazine franchise for an initial investment as low as $32,502. This figure is a fraction of the cost of most franchise start-ups.
  • The Potential for an Excellent Return on Your Investment: This low initial investment, combined with Around Town Community Magazine’s formula for success, means you have the potential to achieve profitability much more quickly than with the majority of franchises.
  • An Excellent Add-On Business: If you are already a successful professional in a field such as real estate, insurance or similar business where name recognition is important, you can promote your primary business through your Around Town Community Magazine. You can use this publication to help your core enterprise dominate its competitors.
  • Residual Income: Around Town Community Magazines enjoy advertiser retention rates of over 80% from issue to issue. You do not have to start generating revenues from dollar one each month. These high retention rates allow you to concentrate on growing your revenues and profits. The longer you are in business, the less you have to work to sell new advertisers.
  • A Complete System of Publishing a Community Magazine: Our team will teach you everything you need to know to publish a successful community magazine. Our comprehensive training program covers how to gather and organize the information to be printed, how to reach out to your community, how to sell ads, how to lay out the publication, how to establish your rate sheet, how to set up your distribution, in short, how to most effectively operate your business in order to produce the most sought-after, profitable publication possible.
  • A Home-Based Launch: If desired, you can run this business from your home, allowing you to enjoy all the economies of a home based business, including no rent, no construction costs, few additional employees, very little marketing and no inventory required.
  • The Opportunity to Take a Leadership Role in Your Community: Being the publisher of a respected community magazine will allow you to take a leadership position in your community. Your opinion will matter, and you will be able to positively impact the lives of the people in your community and the growth of your community.
  • A Quality Publication: An Around Town Community Magazine is a sought-after publication. It offers information important to your readers in an enjoyable format. It is a valuable marketing tool for your clients. It is a business in which you can take great pride.
  • Low Overhead: An Around Town Community Magazine has low operating expenses. You can directly tie the number of pages printed (and therefore your production costs) to the number of ads sold. This process allows you to directly link your income and expenses, insulating yourself from potential losses.
  • A Proven Concept: The Around Town Community Magazine concept has been tested and proven. We have years of successful, profitable operating history.
  • The Assistance of an Experienced Team: The management team for Around Town Community Magazine has combined over half a century of industry experience. You can draw on our expertise to help ensure your success.
  • A Fast Launch: With Around Town Community Magazine, you will have the benefit of a short ramp-up period. You can begin generating revenues in less than two months.
  • An Easy Sale: Business owners realize that the vast majority of their customers come from the people who live and work in the vicinity. They are looking for advertising media that allow them to narrowly target these prospects. Advertising with Around Town Community Magazine is a very efficient use of a business’ marketing dollars. Therefore, it is easy for us to sell our ads. In fact, for our company-owned magazines, we have not found it necessary to maintain an outside sales staff. Our advertisers come to us.
  • A Creative Career: This is a truly a career that allows you to use your creativity. Every day is different. You will not be stuck in a boring rut. 

A Strong Franchisor Support Program

We have created a complete support program to assist all Around Town Community Magazine Franchise Owners in launching and operating their magazines efficiently and profitably, including assistance in the following areas:

  • Exclusive Territory: You will receive your own exclusive territory in which to publish your community magazine. We carefully study the make-up of each potential territory to determine if the particular community has the proper composition of population, income levels, demographics and business base for success.
  • A Complete Operations Manual: Our comprehensive Operations Manual will serve as an easy reference guide, allowing you to quickly access information pertaining to all facets of opening and operating a successful Around Town Community Magazine franchise.
  • Extensive Pre-Opening Training: One example of the Franchisor’s commitment to the success of your business is our extensive pre-opening training program. You will receive up to fifteen days of training prior to the opening of your business. This program will thoroughly familiarize you with all areas of operating a successful community magazine, including: identifying and assembling the proper content, training community organizations to provide you the information needed in the desired format, creating professional magazine and ad layouts, our proven sales techniques, distributing the magazine, client and community relations, marketing, bookkeeping, personnel, administrative procedures and more.
  • Grand Opening Marketing Campaigns: Around Town Community Magazine will teach you how to launch your magazine effectively, generate immediate sales, build name recognition in your area, establish the desired image and develop a strong and devoted readership. With these marketing campaigns, your business can enjoy a fast track to profitability.
  • Human Resources Management: One of the strengths of this franchise opportunity is that few additional employees are required. We offer several operational models that provide you with flexibility in the number of staff people and their job titles and responsibilities. Depending upon the business model you choose, we will show you how to recruit, hire, train, motivate and retain any necessary team members.
  • Equipment & Supply Packages: We will give you lists and specifications for everything you have to purchase to open and operate this business. We will also identify low-cost sources for the various items needed.
  • Technical Support: Not only will we provide you with a computerized layout for your magazine that can be easily adapted to your specific community and content, but also we will be available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding magazine layout, ad composition and the production and distribution of the publication.
  • On-Going Training: We offer numerous opportunities for on-going training, including bulletins, updates and visits to your franchise to assist in solving operational issues and challenges. Periodically, we conduct meetings for the benefit of all Franchise Owners, so we can share ideas, introduce new sales initiatives and marketing techniques, and discuss issues of interest to the Around Town Community Magazine family of owners.
  • Marketing Programs: We have created a number of imaginative, effective and inexpensive marketing campaigns. These campaigns were expressly developed to help you keep your magazine at the forefront of your community, build your readership, increase your advertising sales and enhance reader and advertiser loyalty.
  • Client Relations: We will teach you how to satisfy your clients, build relationships with them and keep them advertising in your magazine.
  • Community Relations: One of the keys to success in publishing a community magazine is to establish a strong relationship with the community it serves. Our entire program has been developed with this goal in mind. We will teach you our proven system for reaching out to the members of the community so that you get the information and respect necessary to develop a loyal reader base that embraces your magazine.
  • Business Management System: Proper management is a cornerstone of any successful business. Our well-organized procedures will allow you to administer your financial, human and other resources with a minimum of effort.
  • Field Support: Our professional, thoroughly knowledgeable field representatives will pay regular visits to your business. They will work with you as your own business consultants to help you operate your franchise at peak productivity and maximize your sales and profits.
  • Research & Development: Around Town Community Magazine strives, on a continuing basis, to improve our magazine content, layout and system of doing business. We will continue to research new equipment, software, information sources, client approaches, distribution methods, systems and ways to make our franchises operate more profitably. This devotion to excellence keeps us ahead of the competition.
  • And Much More!

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Around Town Community Magazine
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